Founded in 2012 by Tyen Masten, PHASE3 is a London-based practice that connects architecture, thinking and design to create big, serious, thoughtful projects. We have grown from where we started and are now a team of talented designers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. With mid to large scale projects in the UK and across Europe, the Middle East and the US, we have put our big ideas into a ground-breaking practice that takes a fresh and bold approach.

We don't just create architecture – we design strategies. Strategies that enable us to distil the complex right down to its essence. Strategies that unlock hidden potential for our clients. Strategies that allow us to design at any scale. Strategies for Future Building: for our clients, for ourselves and for our cities.


The design expertise, experience and technical strengths of the team is creative, diverse and highly competent, catering to the needs of the client and projects of various scales and complexities. In all our projects, we are constantly tapping on each individual’s talents and strengths to give the best output for our clients. Within our office, we have a team of dedicated professional designers that come from international practices and universities.


Be Different

We love what we do and have fun doing it.

In the everyday life of our office, PHASE3 is a different kind of place to work. We are on a constant journey to educate and to empower creative thinkers. We foster personal development by bringing compassion, empathy, knowledge and understanding into our office. We realise that each person comes to each project from a different place and set of experiences. Our work benefits from the involvement of the many, not the few – so we help unlock the creative potential in each of our architects and designers. We believe that making a difference starts in the studio.

Think Different

We invite others along for the adventure.

For us, the adventure means exploring the unexpected. Crucially, we look outside ourselves to make change happen. We invite our clients and our collaborators to work with us so that we can help shape the most colourful, vibrant and optimistic future. Openness enables us to present new systems, ignite new ways of thinking and create new experiences. It enables us to counter the status quo and to push ourselves and our partners to be more radical, more imaginative – to design more inclusively and to create with kindness.

Make Different

Optimism sits at the core of our approach.

Where do we want to be in 20 years? This question is at the heart of everything we do. It inspires us to be active and intentional about how we shape the future we want to live in and the world we want to leave behind. Everything we make – from vast civic schemes, mixed-use commercial and bespoke retail experiences to limited-edition prints – is done with this in mind. We believe in the future, and we believe in the capacity of the built world to nurture, inspire and shape it.

Clients and Collaborators

PHASE3 establishes long-lasting client relationships that develop into repeat patronage. Servicing clients with projects ranging in budgets from £7 million to £200 million. We have a natural ability to move across varying scales and sectors, and are well versed in retail, commercial, residential, urban design and placemaking. What brings our projects together is an emphasis on high design while focusing on strong and innovative ideas that counter the norm. This enables us to create value in our buildings, for our cities as well as for our clients, our people and their lives.

Who we create for.

ARJ Construction   |   Finnegan Associates   |   GLA, Borough of Newham   |   Highland Council   |   Kuwait Engineering   |   National Bank of Kuwait   |   Network Rail   |   New Cyprus Archaeological Museum   |   New London Architecture   |   Newbourne Properties   |   Phoenix Prime   |   PIMCO Property Integrated Mgmt   |   Razvoj Golf D.O.O.   |   Rooya Group   |   Shuwaikh Gate Holding   |   Syndicut London   |   Thackeray Estate

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