A Responsive Icon for a New Tomorrow


The Assembly is an icon for San Jose that integrates its history of ingenuity, sustainability, and diversity while looking to its future. It is an open source civic building that builds community. A building for people coming together to learn, create, produce, share, and enjoy.

The Assembly is an incubator to connect design, culture, and nature into the fabric of San Jose. It will include a platform that allows users to transform and contribute to the public realm as it is created for the people, by the people.

To capture the creative imaginations of the design, considerations to material strength, production and cost-effectiveness are vital. The building is proposed to be modular and constructed using offsite fabricated cuboid modular frames. The modular approach is also adopted in the design of mechanical and electrical building services utilising principles of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). Reconstituted materials like Hempcrete and recycled steel components will contribute to bolster the Zero-Carbon sustainable values of the ASSEMBLY.


Key details

Client: Urban Confluence Silicon Valley
Location: Silicon Valley
Status: Competition, Ongoing Research
Program: Cultural Workspace Public Space Commercial Systems Museum


Developer: Urban Confluence Silicon Valley
Augmented & Experience Technologies: Squint/Opera
Engineering & Sustainablity: CUNDALL