A new urban experience in response to an urgent need for public space.


The scale and design behind this development benchmarks Stone Street as a new urban centre and pedestrianised hub for New Cairo City. Stretching 1.7km, one of the longest commercial promenades in Egypt, Stone Street’s layout generates public spaces with a sense of civic-ness and activated pedestrian participation for future culture and communities.

Stone Street consists of 12 office blocks, a flagship department store, two fine-dining blocks, a theatre, a complex of 16 cinemas, a 400-keys hotel and serviced apartment. An unobstructed pedestrian promenade stretches from one end to the other and offers a unique outdoor experience for the car-afflicted inhabitants of Cairo. It is framed by a boat canal and embedded in a lavish landscape that connects different spatial sequences of wider public spaces, shadowy courtyards and arcades. Together with its numerous cafes and event spaces, the vast masterplan is people focused and offers its surrounding neighbourhoods much-needed public outdoor experiences. 


Key details

Client: Rooya Group
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Size: 500000m²
Status: Ongoing
Program: Masterplan Hospitality Façade Design Commercial Design Tourism Public Space Workspace Retail Cultural


Local Architect: Ökoplan Architecture
Structural Engineer: Ökoplan Structure
MEP Engineer: Shaker Group
Landscape Architect: Gross.Max.
Lighting Design: Illumination Works
Wayfinding Consultant: Spaceagency Design


A pedestrian promenade links a series of connected moments.