A Model Approach that Connects Art, Science and Nature to Culture.


Astrolabe is the new The Riyadh West Gateway. It is an expression of exploration, of new perspectives and a symbol of scientific ingenuity. The gateway is a series of circles cut into the landscape which form a pattern that can be seen, and experienced in multiple ways. As a model approach for the wider system of gates across Riyadh, the Astrolabe is a vehicle to connect and deliver the vision of unifying guidance, knowledge and direction. It connects art, science and technology to a wider ecosystem of culture.

An art program that is about exhibition, education, and development. An approach to Nature that incorporates landscape, sustainability, and environment. An approach to science that explores technology, geology, and astronomy. Bringing together tourism, wonderment, incubation, experience, education, innovation and time, the Astrolabe is imagined as a blueprint for the wider vision of gates across Riyadh.


Key details

Client: Royal Commission for Riyadh, Riyadh Art
Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Size: 100000m²
Status: Competition Shortlist (on hold)
Program: Masterplan Cultural Public Space Tourism Commercial Façade Design


Developer: Royal Commission for Riyadh, Riyadh Art
Augmented & Experience Technologies: Squint/Opera
Engineering & Sustainability: CUNDALL
Landscape Architect: Alexandra Steed URBAN
Lighting Design: NULTY+
Executive Architect: Omrania and Associates
Quantity Survey: Jones Lang LaSalle
Design Management (Architecture): Plan A Consultants
Design Management (I.D. & Exhibition): Fraser Randall
Cultural Curation: Jawaher Al Sudairy
Art & Spatial Research: Brick Lab