New Materiality for the Future of Retail.


The BHH Concept Store in Cape Town is to become the front face of the new BHH brand during its 2019 revamp. Simplicity in materials along with a systematic clear and adaptable approach to the store’s interiors will complement the brands it carries. Such an adaptable approach also withstands the ever-evolving retail scene and allows variations of the design to be utilised at different locations. The result is a modern, stylish, simple and tasteful space.


Key details

Client: Boutique Haute Horlogerie, in collaboration with Rogue Projects
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Size: 150m²
Status: Under Construction, end 2020
Program: Retail Luxury Lifestyle

Design Team

Product Innovation: Rogue Projects
Visualisations: Best Enemies
Lighting Design: Illuminationworks