An urban tapestry of micro-neighbourhoods connecting people.


Situated in Kuwait City, we developed a series of components that collaboratively form anew kind of neighbourhood. A special concern and basis for the planning strategy lay in the incorporation of existing infrastructure, public life and the pedestrian experience. Connecting smaller neighbourhoods into larger communities.

Khaitanis a growing suburb, and due to the high demand in housing, we were appointed to develop a new kind of neighborhood. Like a tapestry, it weaves the urban patterns of residential neighborhoods and green spaces together with promenades, cultural centres, schools and healthcare facilities. The geometry creates nodes and small patios that provide local reference points. Necessary shading and water features help to regulate the micro climate and provide new outdoor meeting spaces, creating moments for play and invitations to walk instead of drive. In the response to the hot climate, the lack of attractive outdoor spaces and the car-centric daily life of Kuwaitis, we developed a new kind of masterplan. A masterplan that prioritises the pedestrian.


Key details

Client: National Bank of Kuwait
Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Size: 1700000m²
Status: Design 2013
Program: Masterplan Public Space Residential

Design Team

Tyen Masten
Maud Sanciaume
John NG
Johannes Schick
Josias Hamid