Can a compositional approach create a masterplan of unexpected moments?


Shifting scale from object, to building, to masterplan, we developed a phased strategy for the site.

Masterplan Curation - The masterplan is laid out to create a dialogue with its surroundings and between its individual components. Instead of creating a singular icon, which stands only for itself, the concept builds on the creation of a diverse field of architectural conditions. This allows for greater adaptability at any time, whether through the phasing of the project into different construction stages or the addition of elements in the future. At any point, a new building extension can be introduced into the masterplan, and it can sit synchronously with all the other elements. By shifting and remixing common curatorial practices, new strategies can be implemented to rethink the future of the museum.

Museum Curation - Developed for the New Cyprus Archaeological Museum competition, the proposal is for both a museum of antiquities and the masterplan of ancillary museum spaces. The proposed museum’s layouts ought to directly respond to a new curatorial approach. Rather than presenting artefacts in a linear or historical chronology, our exhibition spaces interlink museum objects with one another according to their materiality. In reaction to the standard ‘white box’ solution of contemporary museums, we applied a palette of complementary colours to the architectural envelope. This colour range serves as a backdrop to the materially defined museum halls and acts as visual guidance for visitors to the museum.



Key details

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Size: 17600m²
Status: Competition Entry 2017
Program: Museum Cultural Masterplan


Wayfinding Consultant: Movement Strategies
Cost Consultant: Aegis


Can a series of coloured vaults reveal another history?