How a local motif informs a brand approach.


‘Good Food, Good Mood’ was the company’s moto, when they appointed us to develop a brand design for their new café chain in Barcelona. The context of Barcelona and its tradition in decorative arts offered an ideal backdrop to develop a design that is applicable to different shop layouts and urban surroundings. Working with local makers imbued the shop with a beautiful artisan feel, full of warmth.

We playfully deconstructed the city grid and created a modular graphic, that reminiscent to wide roads, square blocks and chamfered squares. Our use of motif and craft technology creates a precise motif of laser cut plywood wall panels, enriched with ceramics, LED lights and metallic inlays. Like folded origami, the bespoke chairs, table and bench are detailed to allow for simple digital fabrication, at an economic cost and with minimal waste. From a simple graphic reference, we can move through increasing scales and complexity, encompassing anything from prints to objects, furniture, spaces, buildings and ultimately cities. This approach subsequently informs our design methodology and underpins our work.


Key details

Client: Juice Rodríguez & Co
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Size: 70m²
Status: Completed 2014
Program: Retail Hospitality

Design Team

Digital Fabrication: FAB LAB Barcelona
Photography: ©Jessica Antola