Can a contextual remix for future adaptability reframe the city?


Our strategy uses the surrounding building typologies to remix and reuse context. Neighbouring buildings are a mix of London stock brick in traditional colours, with highlights of light coloured stones set against darker ones. The scheme responds to the selected palette of materials drawn from the surrounding context by applying complementary materials to the proposed façade.

The proposed 8-storey office building is nestled between a collection of complex urban textures. Situated close to Tower Bridge and adjacent to a large railway viaduct, the building sits within a series of industrial warehouse buildings dating back to Victorian times. The site’s adjacency to the rail line, historically considered the back door to London, presents the opportunity to create a building that can resituate the area as a main entry point to the city. The project multiplies the difference of the neighbourhood and creates a new free-plan office development with maximum adaptability.


Key details

Client: Thackeray Estates
Location: London, United Kingdom
Size: 2400m²
Status: Design and Planning
Program: Workspace Commercial

Design Team

Tyen Masten
Johannes Schick
Michael Hasslacher
Maud Sanciaume
Nicholas Zembashi


Structural Engineer: ElliottWood
MEP Engineer: MZA Consulting Engineers
Planning Consultant: Town Planning Bureau