Can a colour field activate forgotten by-products of infrastructure?


The Silvertown Flyover project competition asked for proposals to transform a derelict space into affordable creative workspace. Our approach for re-programming applies a colour field and provides simple spatial adaptations to create spaces for creativity and habitation.

The user-defined approach begins with minimal intervention, introducing colour to the flyover’s underbelly in this by-product of infrastructure. A series of characteristic modules for adaptation allow each occupant to choose how to delineate their space. This creates the opportunity to set up a multitude of different scenarios between programmes and users, and to establish smaller micro communities. This cross-pollination of activities allows users to activate, re-programme and reuse space.

Colour and pattern not only act as content generators by defining zones within the project, but they also provide a strong visual identity for the workspaces and surrounding area. 


Key details

Client: GLA / Borough of Newham
Location: London, United Kingdom
Size: 8000m²
Status: Competition Entry 2017
Program: Workspace Public Space Design Cultural