A community of modular homes embedded in the natural landscape.


On the coastal outskirts of Pacifica, California, a parcel of land is transformed into a new hillside development. A series of contemporary Californian residences, embedded in the landscape, takes advantage of ocean views.

Playing with the idea of the traditional ‘spec’ house, the design is based on a modular system of components. With slight modifications these pieces can be arranged to perfectly suit each lot. By using the system to adapt to the precise conditions of each site, the residences seamlessly integrate into the steep hillside, creating a fluid experience of terraced landscapes.

Each bespoke residence aims to achieve an estimated 4,000-ft2 of internal area, distributed over two to three floors – similar in size to other four-bedroom houses in the neighbourhood. This development of bespoke high-end Californian design serves as an example of how to create a development with minimal impact on the environment while providing local residents with access to the amazing natural landscapes that surround.


Key details

Client: Private
Location: San Francisco, California
Size: 6000m²
Status: Ongoing
Program: Residential Masterplan Lifestyle

Design Team

Tyen Masten
Johannes Schick
Kira Sciberras
Michael Hasslacher
Maud Sanciaume
Christopher Kokarev
Nicholas Zembashi
Ioana Man
Zineb Lemseffer
Idil Kucuk


Civil Engineer: Professional Land Services