PHASE3 x SYNDICUT Collaboration

PHASE3 partnered with London-based men’s fashion brand Syndicut to create a line of accessories for its first collaboration with an architecture studio, bringing our prints to life through a set of textiles and apparel. 

Here is an excerpt from Tyen's interview with Syndicut:

What are the inspirations behind your practice? What inspired this print?
The inspirations behind our practice vary quite a bit and range from buildings, to products, to illustration and graphics. In terms of graphic inspiration, I guess I go back to some of the early album covers from my childhood which Peter Saville had done for New Order, OMD, and Pet Shop Boys. Because we were approached to work on swimwear, this print was really inspired by prints that come from my childhood and brands I used to wear like T&C Surf company, OP, and Jams, and how this combines with the buildings and prints we create in the office.

With what medium do you predominantly work? (Digital software or more traditional processes?)
We predominately work with Digital Software, from 3D Modelling to Illustrator, and Photoshop.

What are your feelings about Syndicut and our ethos of collaboration with emerging artists and designers?
We were really excited to work with Syndicut. They seemed to mesh right in to our creative design process and ideas about collaboration. I think it is a great strategy and we look forward to ongoing endeavours with them.

Where did you grow up? Where are you based now?
I grew up somewhere between the fields of the Midwest in Illinios and the Sunshine of California. I am now based in East London, Shoreditch.

How did you discover your creative discipline?
I feel it was a real stroke of luck. My art teacher in high school recommended tome that I take his drafting course, which he thought would suit me more than art. I loved it and I knew from that point that I wanted to do architecture.

What initially encouraged or inspired you?
I am really a product of my generation, when I was young I was really into a lot of Deconstructivist architects, especially from LA. But later I found Zaha Hadid’s early paintings and it really sparked something for me. Kinda funny since later I went to work for her for 8 years...

Is your work a response to any particular issues or topics of interest to you? If so, how do you explore/express these through your practice?
I guess through a lot of my work both Teaching at the Architectural Association,and at the practice we try to look at a range of cultural issues and how design at all scales can tackle them.

Please name one or two artists or artworks that have particularly inspired you, or changed the way you approach your practice.
Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park series which is based on the neighbourhood I lived in while in LA;  James Rosenquist, MatMaitland, Otl Aicher.