20 Ideas for 20 Years from Now!


In 20 years’ time the world will be a different place. And it is up to us as designers to choose what that future looks like. The 20/20 Series seeks to improve our collective adaptability and resilience for future challenges. We are inviting collaborators and participants to join the program as we investigate a radical framework to unlock creative potential for the future built environment.

Teaching within the famed unit system of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (2005–17) Tyen Masten has researched and developed the role of the architect in creating visionary futures and developing actions that can harness architecture to make these visions real. 20/20 is a culmination of this research.

Each of the 20 ideas invite you to exchange with practitioners from other industries and disciplines, to question established practices, investigate possibilities, and imagine our collective future.  We are going to need to find new solutions to new problems and in order to do that we need the best creative minds possible.

Where do you want to be in 20 years?

An Open Call for collaborators and participants is now open. 

We would love to hear from you: [email protected]

20/20: Alternative Future Series

Full Programme

1   Post Capitalism? Good? Bad?
Alternative Forms of Economy or New Power Structures.

2   Unlocking Public Space 
Protest as a form of taking backspace for people.

3   Give or Disappear 
What will the super-rich 1% do?

4   Who Owns Our Maps 
Are the maps really shared content? Do we all have access?

5   Creative Escape 
What if everyone has access to creativity and art?

6   Techno Transculturation 
When globalisation disintegrates traditional cultures and the remix creates the new.

7   Feel Something New 
New forms of Experience.

8   Pay to Switch Off 
Spaces to “switch off” from technology are new forms of luxury.

9   Recycle the City 

10   Get More of What You Don’t Need 
Consumerism sells dreams that people can’t afford.

11   Ritual City 
Recent forms of Pilgrimage begin to re-inform our cities.

12   Better Yourself 
Spaces for reflection and self-improvement

13   Currency Exchange 
New forms of cultural heritage and ritual/new forms of exchange.

14   New Ruralism 
Who will leave cities and go to the abandoned rural areas?

15   Counter Cultures 
Globalisation reshapes subculture.

16   New Forms of Beauty 
Subtlety, Decorative, Anti-Minimalist, and Anti-Mies.

17   New Notions of Context 
How do we redefine context to remove nostalgia?

18   Post Work / Post Play 
What will people do? What will keep us engaged?

19   Micro Utopias 
Re-Emergence of Experimental Spaces.

20   Who Are They? 
Generation X replaces the Baby Boomers.


Key details

Program: An Open Call for collaborators and participants is now open. We would love to hear from you: [email protected]