PHASE3 x Coordonné Wallpapers 40th Anniversary

Long-time friend and collaborator of PHASE3, Coordonné invited Tyen Masten to create a design for their 40th Anniversary Collection. Coordonné celebrated 40 years of history and in response edited a Collection that celebrated Design, Art and Creativity. 40 artists, one per year, have allowed their universe and creative vision to be captured in 40 designs that are going to revolutionise today's interior design scene.

As a practice, we are constantly reflecting – translating graphic input into output, unlocking creative potential by allowing other forms of inspiration influence the design process. ‘Pacifica’ is an example of this exploration. This design is inspired by one of our current residential project in California which uses interlocking volumes to create a modular cascading approach to how the building mitigates the hillside terrain.