PHASE3 Architectural Score

Here we see the architectural score of PHASE3. It is the combination of practice, teaching and research, from its manifestation at the AA to the future focus practice that it is today. It helps express the PHASE3 ecosystem and evolve the office’s agenda. 

What is an architectural score?

An architectural score seeks to define the lifecycle of a project through five key themes: Time, Community, Spatial Context, Architectural Language and Legacy. It brings together what has been done and what can be done in a  constantly evolving timeline. When constructing the score, we must consider format, language, sequence and motif and how these will contribute to the whole. A key agenda is driving the score’s program, to be able to create a strategy to support a future community.

We constantly use the architectural score as a research tool which influences the development of practice and that distills the complex down to its essence.