Facade detail

To realise our proposals, PHASE3 retain the expertise in house to produce, full working details, specifications and schedules, ready for construction. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to design with confidence and a strong sense of materiality. On the Gate Mall, we worked within a tight 5cm facade zone to bring a new sense of depth and majesty to the building.

We pride ourselves in producing robust and efficient construction information that aligns with the client’s requirements such as speed, quality or cost. To achieve this, we work closely with suppliers, manufacturers and contractors to develop our knowledge. On ONE Putney, a detailed understanding of the manufacturing process reduced the number of precast concrete facade panels, achieving a 50% cost reduction. For each project we build on our in-house library of construction knowledge.

Environmentally conscious design is important, when detailing and specifying, we work with our clients to highlight opportunities for improvements in this field. Within the office we have a focus on developing details with no or very low VOCs as this can be implemented through material specification with little impact to overall cost and process.