Architectural Association 2016-2017

In AA Intermediate12 16/17 we explored how architecture and architectural practice can stimulate the communities of the future. These principals have helped develop the framework for our domains within PHASE3.  

In this year Intermediate12 pushed the students to create radical, beautiful, experimental buildings and communities that envisage these speculative futures and critique or enhance emerging trends. They sought to find a strategic approach to architecture that can be deployed to create a lasting legacy that challenges and even supplants existing norms. Exploring how a clear agenda in relation to the future can impact society. Questioning, how can built form enable the creation of new societies? And how can the small seeds of emerging ideas that grow in the cracks of culture be nurtured to create the forests and whole ecosystems for cultures of the future?

*Intermediate12 at the Architectural Association was taught with long-time friend and collaborator Inigo Minns.