Architectural Association 2015-2016

In AA Intermediate12 15/16 we explored how specific events and their associated activities can stimulate the production of architecture and urban life. These principals have helped develop the framework for our domains within PHASE3.

In this year Intermediate12 focused on the use of series in architecture and the role of serialisation as a tool to explore the adaptability of proposals over time. To consider the legacy of the resulting design series by asking the students what the future of their architectural proposals could be and how these might adapt accordingly. They pushed the students to consider the nature of their role as designers and work towards establishing their own identities and practice over the year. The unit’s driving force was both design and research, merging architectural representations from the traditional to the contemporary. Intermediate12 considered the legacy of the resulting design, asking you what the future of the architectural proposals could be and how these might adapt accordingly. 

*Intermediate12 at the Architectural Association was taught with long-time friend and collaborator Inigo Minns.