Architectural Association 2013-2014

In AA Intermediate12 13/14 we explored the role of events in the production of architecture, and looking at the more ephemeral manifestations of architecture and design that help define the experiences that are central to our cultural environments. These principals have helped develop the framework for our domains within PHASE3.  

In this year Intermediate12 explored the premise is that architectural practice, and education, too often concentrates on the architectural object with less concern for the crafting of the actions that the architecture is there to support. By taking this position we consider the contingent in architecture and test the idea of agency being spread beyond the profession by asking how the audience and user can inform the production of spaces and cities. To do this we consider events as being design elements that have a specific temporality that shift the emphasis away from the purely spatial onto the activities and users that will occupy the architecture.

*Intermediate12 at the Architectural Association was taught with long-time friend and collaborator Inigo Minns.