Alternative Futures

Alternative Futures was launched in the Spring of 2020. It is both a how to and a why not for the built environment.

It is a collection of stories, thoughts, ideas, interviews, and inspirations that are critical of today and optimistic about tomorrow. We live in a global, diverse, and vibrant world that is full of potential and we want to uncover it. This quarterly is an unknown journey to pull together voices that do and don’t belong together, voices that might not be heard on other platforms, and collectively develop an alternative view of what the world can be. It is a zine about ideas and action that encourages failure and bad behaviour with a goal to do things better. To connect people, shift the industry, and disrupt trends. By agitating current conventions and resisting mediocrity we open up possibilities to work, live, and play better. Together.

A magazine by and for alternative future people.

Teaching within the famed unit system of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (2005–17) Tyen Masten has researched and developed the role of the architect in creating visionary futures and developing actions that can harness architecture to make these visions real. Alternative Futures is a culmination of this research and a starting point to answer these questions.

In 20 years’ time the world will be a different place. And it is up to us as designers to choose what that future looks like.



Open Call for Participants: Please contact [email protected] for more information