AArchitecture 19

Contributing the Architecture Association #19 Issue, Tyen Masten playfully extrapolates on the relevance of 'Stuff' for architecture and implicitly questions the role of the contemporary architect..

'... the architect can assume a more comprehensive and directed role as a composer  of information. Thus, if we understand our role of architect as a compiler or composer, rather than that of an artistic authoritarian, then we see this dynamic universe of STUFF as an opportunity for developing a multitude off messy difference. This aligns with Robert Venturi’s statements in Non straightforward Architecture: A Gentle Manifesto ‘By embracing contradiction as well as complexity, I am for vitality as well  as validity.’ And again later ‘I am for messy vitality, over obvious unity.’ By harnessing the visual and cultural information that surrounds us, we are hopefully liberated from the self-imposed rules implied by unification and can begin to actively  engage with the process of transculturation. With a tuned ability to orchestrate the wealth of visual data available to us, architects can then become less ‘Moses  on the Mountaintop’, delivering the laws of architecture, and be more like a DJ, delivering an exquisite track.'